Influencer's Kit—Welcome

If you would like to receive additional materials that aren't included in the existing toolkits, don't hesitate to contact us via email.

Welcome to the 2021 Census Influencer's Kit

We need your support to make the 2021 Census a success.

Why is the census important? It is one of the most important sources of statistics for Canada and its people.

Federal, provincial, territorial and municipal governments build schools, hospitals and roads by looking at census data to assess the local communities' needs.

What's in the kit?

Products and resources that you can share with your online community.

Materials available for download include:

Need some ideas?

  • Get your census letter and make a video of opening it—did you get the long-form questionnaire?
  • Use the census jingle on Census Day when you get your census letter!
  • Include census messaging in your social media posts
  • Add hashtags to your posts
  • Make a video and use our content—include it in your Instagram stories or on TikTok!
  • Encourage your followers to complete the census questionnaire and tell them why it's important.
  • Like and share Statistics Canada's posts on social media.
  • Use our posts, infographics or website as a background for your TikTok videos.

Your voice is impactful. Share the kit to make a difference!

Most used materials

  1. Social media content
  2. The census jingle
  3. Hashtags to use in your social media posts

Need help?

Email us and we will assist you.

Resources for

Terms of use

See the terms of use for information on the approved use of official wordmarks, identifiers and content.

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