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Encourage census completion

Planning services for your community requires an accurate count of all its members as well as a sociodemographic picture of the community. The benefits to your community increase with every completed questionnaire.

Encourage members of your community to complete their questionnaire.


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  • Bookmark on benefits (PDF, 273 KB)
    Bookmark on benefits
    Description - Bookmark on benefits

    Census information is vital to your community for planning schools, daycare, housing, hospitals, emergency services, roads, public transportation and employment skills training. The benefits to your community increase with every completed questionnaire.

    Complete your census today! —

    Your census, your community, your future.

  • Bookmark on accessibility (PDF, 140 KB)
    Bookmark on accessibility
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    The census is for everyone. The census questions are available in both official languages (English and French), 13 Indigenous languages, 12 immigrant languages, and in large print, braille and audio formats.

    Complete your census today! —

    2021 Census

  • Bookmark on diversity (PDF, 992 KB)
    Bookmark on diversity
    Description - Bookmark on diversity

    In 2016, over 250 ethnic origins or ancestries were reported by the Canadian population. About 41.1% of people reported more than one origin, and 6.2% reported North American Indigenous origins.

    Complete your census today! —

    Ethnic origins of Canadians in private households, 20161

    • North American Indigenous2: 6.2%
    • Other North American: 33.7%
    • Caribbean: 2.2%
    • Latin, Central and South American: 2.0%
    • African: 3.1%
    • European: 57.1%
    • Asian: 17.7%
    • Oceania: 0.2%

    1 The sum percentage points exceeds 100 because a person may report more than one ethnic origin in the census.

    2 The associated area includes all census divisions where at least 66.7% of the population reported an Indigenous identity.

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