Census explainer videos—Why is the census important?

Learn how the information you provide benefits your community and the country as a whole.

Why is the census important?

Transcript - Why is the census important?

What is the census? The census is the official survey of the population.

(Text on screen says, "Why is the census important?")

The 2021 Census information allows Canadians to accurately see the country's changing society.

(A closeup shot of a view of the city through binoculars appears on screen. The screen zooms out to show the five characters standing in a field.)

This is important because governments, businesses, associations and community organizations use the census to make important decisions that affect communities, provinces or territories and the entire country.

(The screen transitions to a street in a residential neighbourhood and gradually reveals its coastline. The screen pans up to the sky and transitions to show a farm and landscape of fields.)

By completing the census questionnaire, Canadians ensure that every community has the information needed to plan services that support employment, schools, public transportation and hospitals.

(One of the male characters is sitting at a desk completing the census questionnaire on his computer. In each window behind the character business, school, bus, and hospital icons pop up inside them.)

For more information or to complete the 2021 Census questionnaire, visit census.gc.ca. It's safe, quick and easy.

(Text on screen says, "For more information or to complete the 2021 Census questionnaire, visit census.gc.ca." The Statistics Canada and census identifiers appear below the text.)

(The Canada wordmark is on screen.)

Why is the census important? (described video)

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