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Once every five years, the Census of Population provides a detailed and comprehensive statistical portrait of Canada that is vital to our country. It is the primary source of sociodemographic data for specific population groups such as lone-parent families, Indigenous peoples, immigrants, seniors and language groups.

In order to help users of census products to better understand the various Census of Population concepts, Statistics Canada has developed a series of short videos. These videos are a reference source for users who are new to census concepts or those who have some experience with these concepts, but may need a refresher or would like to expand their knowledge.

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Census dwellings, 2021 Census of Population

This video will provide viewers with a basic understanding of the differences between a private dwelling and a collective dwelling, the classification of private dwellings into regular and marginal dwellings and the classification of collective dwellings into institutional and non-institutional collective dwellings. Viewers will also learn about the method of enumeration of these dwellings.

Basic demographic concepts Conceptual video

Types of dwellings, 2021 Census of Population

The census counts dwellings to associate people with a spatial unit and to publish counts of the dwellings themselves, along with information about dwelling characteristics. This video provides information about the different variables associated with dwellings such as Structural types of dwellings, Dwelling condition, Condominium status, Period of construction, Rooms and Bedrooms in a dwelling.

Basic demographic concepts Conceptual video

Age, 2021 Census of Population

The objective of this video is to provide an overview of a key indicator of the most basic demographic characteristics of the population – Age. This video explains the main concepts relating to age, the quantitative and qualitative aspect of the age variable and how age is used by the public and private sector to assess and meet social and business needs.

Basic demographic concepts Conceptual video

2021 Census: Sex at birth and gender – the whole picture

This video presents information on the new gender question in the 2021 Census and the added precision of ‘at birth’ to the sex question. It highlights the importance of these modifications for greater data inclusivity and the benefits for all individuals in Canada.

Basic demographic concepts Conceptual video

Geographic areas of Canada, 2021 Census of Population

The objective of this video is to describe the classification of geographic areas in Canada. Well-defined geographic areas provide the framework for data collection, dissemination and analysis. This video will provide an understanding of how geographic areas are organized, the coding standards and the differences between administrative and statistical areas.

Geography Conceptual video

Geographic products, 2021 Census of Population

The objective of this video is to present the various geographic products and services available to users. It will guide users through reference documents, attribute information products (such as correspondence files) and spatial information products, which can be found on the census website.

Geography Conceptual video

Census geographic visualization tools, 2021 Census of Population

The objective of this video is to help users at all levels quickly understand key information derived from data with the help of powerful and dynamic tools like GeoSuite, GeoSearch and the Census Program Data Viewer.

Geography Conceptual video

Basic components of a table, 2021 Census of Population

This video is designed to provide viewers with a basic understanding of how census concepts, e.g., focuses, population of interest and variables are logically structured to show different ways of looking at data. The knowledge of these concepts is used when analyzing or creating census data products.

Basic demographic concepts Conceptual video

Role of geography, 2021 Census of Population

This video is the first one of a series of videos related to census geography in the context of the activities of the 2021 Census and previous censuses. The objective of this first video is to describe the role of geography. The remaining videos from this series, which will be released at later dates, will aim to provide an overview on the geographic regions of Canada, some of the products offered by Statistics Canada, and the census data visualization tools.

Geography Conceptual video

Making informed decisions with census data

The high-quality data from the census allow our governments, businesses and community leaders to make informed decisions with confidence.

Basic demographic concepts General knowledge
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