Labour and journey to work

In preparation for the 2021 Census, Statistics Canada conducted a content consultation from fall 2017 to spring 2018 using an online questionnaire and face-to-face discussions.

Consultation respondents and federal stakeholders suggested that the census questionnaire provide more information on labour and journey to work.

You asked, we listened

As a result of national consultations with interested parties, Statistics Canada has included revised and new questions on the subjects of labour and journey to work in the 2019 Census Test.

Labour market activity questions provide information on Canada's workforce, including the industries and occupations in which people work, and the languages used at work. Employment information is used to assess the economic conditions of communities and specific populations, such as Indigenous peoples and immigrants. Industry and occupation information is used to forecast job opportunities.

Overall, labour was the topic with the most reported data gaps, and specifically accounted for 25% of all gaps reported by government organizations.

You asked for Proposed content for the 2019 Census Test
More relevant labour market information

New questions on reasons for not looking for work and on workers older than 60 years old, and revised questions on employment status, to:

  • provide background on why certain population segments are engaged, or disengaged, in the workforce
  • collect information about various employment statuses to better understand labour market dynamics.
More detailed information on commuting A new question that captures detailed modes of transportation, and a modified question that includes all commuting situations, to provide more granular information on commuting times and modes.

Respondents said that if these data were available, they would help governments to support the Gender Equality Framework, examine barriers to employment and provide reporting on vulnerable groups. Enhanced journey to work information could help to assess commuting patterns and public transit needs more accurately.

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