2021 Census dissemination planning
Products and services

Release date: May 12, 2021

Developing the 2021 Census of Population products and services

Following the 2021 Census of Population, we want to ensure that stakeholders and users have products and services that both allow them to access and engage more with census data.

2021 Census of Population products and services map

Consultations with stakeholders and users informed us that while our many products are valuable and useful, users do not always know which product is the best to suit their requirements, or if they have accessed a product, aren't sure if there may have been a better product that they could have accessed for their needs.

To assist users in selecting a product that will best meet their needs, we are developing a products and services map for the suite of products and services that will be available from the 2021 Census of Population.

This map will also serve as a preview of the products and services we will offer for the upcoming census.

2021 Census of Population products and services map

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If you would like to get in touch about our plans for the product and service line, please email us at 2021 Census consultation.

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