Dictionary, Census of Population, 2021
Figure 2.4J
Germanic languages

Release date: August 17, 2022

Description for Figure 2.4J

Figure 2.4J provides an overview of the Germanic languages component. The Germanic languages component is broken down into six major branches which include: Frisian languages, High German languages, Low Saxon-Low Franconian languages, Scandinavian languages, Scots and Germanic languages not included elsewhere. Scots and Germanic languages not included elsewhere are not broken down further.

By contrast, Frisian languages include: Frisian and Saterfriesisch.

High German languages include: German, Hutterisch, Luxemburgish, Pennsylvania German, Swabian, Swiss German, Tyrolian not otherwise specified and Yiddish.

Low Saxon-Low Franconian languages include: Afrikaans, Dutch, Low German not otherwise specified, Low Saxon, Plautdietsch and Vlaams (Flemish).

Scandinavian languages include: Danish, Icelandic, Norwegian and Swedish.

Source: Statistics Canada, Census of Population, 2021.

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