Dictionary, Census of Population, 2021
Figure 2.4
Languages classification

Release date: August 17, 2022

Description for Figure 2.4

Figure 2.4 provides an overview of the Languages Classification component. The Language Classification component is broken down into two major branches, which include: official languages and non‑official languages.

Official languages include: English and French.

Non‑official languages include: Indigenous languages;Footnote 1 Non‑Indigenous languages, which include Adyghe, Afro‑Asiatic languages,Footnote 1 Austro‑Asiatic languages, Austronesian languages,Footnote 1 Burushaski, Cariban languages, Creole languages,Footnote 1 Dravidian languages, Georgian, Hmong‑Mien languages, Indo‑European languages,Footnote 1 Japanese, Korean, Mayan languages, Mongolian, Nakh‑Daghestanian languages, Niger‑Congo languages,Footnote 1 Nilo‑Saharan languages,Footnote 1 Pidgin languages, Quechua, sign languages, Sino‑Tibetan languages,Footnote 1 Tai‑Kadai languages, Trans‑New Guinea languages, Turkic languages,Footnote 1 Uralic languages, other languages not included elsewhere. Adyghe, Afro‑Asiatic languages, Austronesian languages, Burushaski, Cariban languages, Creole languages, Georgian, Indo‑European languages, Japanese, Korean, Mayan languages, Mongolian, Niger‑Congo languages, Nilo‑Saharan languages, Pidgin languages, Quechua, Sino‑Tibetan languages, Trans‑New Guinea languages, Turkic languages and other languages not included elsewhere are not broken down further.

Austro‑Asiatic languages include: Khmer (Cambodian), Mon, Pacoh, Vietnamese and Austro‑Asiatic languages not included elsewhere.

Dravidian languages include: Kannada, Kodava, Kurux, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Tulu and Dravidian languages not included elsewhere.

Hmong‑Mien languages include: lu Mien and Sinicized Miao.

Nakh‑Daghestanian languages include: Chechen and Nakh‑Daghestanian languages not included elsewhere.

Sign languages include: American Sign Language, Quebec Sign Language and sign languages not included elsewhere.

Tai‑Kadai languages include: Canto, Lao, Shan, Thai and Tai‑Kadai languages not included elsewhere.

Uralic languages include: Estonian, Finnish and Hungarian.

Source: Statistics Canada, Census of Population, 2021.

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