Census Profile, 2021 Census of Population
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Age characteristics
Select all: Commuting
Commuting destination
Commuting duration
Main mode of commuting
Place of work status
Time leaving for work
Select all: Education
Highest certificate, diploma or degree
Location of study compared with province or territory of residence
Major field of study - Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) 2021
Secondary (high) school diploma or equivalency certificate
Ethnocultural and religious diversity
Select all: Ethnocultural and religious diversity
Ethnic or cultural origin
Visible minority
Families, households, and marital status
Select all: Families, households, and marital status
Family characteristics
Household type
Marital status
Household characteristics
Immigration, place of birth, and citizenship
Select all: Immigration, place of birth, and citizenship
Admission category and applicant type
Age at immigration
Generation status
Immigrant status and period of immigration
Pre-admission experience
Selected places of birth for the immigrant population
Selected places of birth for the recent immigrant population
Select all: Income
Income of economic families in 2020
Income of households in 2020
Income of individuals in 2019
Income of individuals in 2020
Low income and income inequality in 2020
Indigenous peoples
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Indigenous ancestry
Indigenous population
Select all: Labour
Class of worker including job permanency
Industry - Sectors - North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) 2017
Labour force status
Occupation - Broad category - National Occupational Classification (NOC) 2021
Work activity during the reference year
Select all: Language
All languages spoken at home
First official language spoken
Knowledge of languages
Knowledge of official languages
Language spoken most often at home
Mother tongue
Other language spoken regularly at home
Language of work
Select all: Language of work
All languages used at work
Language used most often at work
Other language(s) used regularly at work
Mobility and migration
Select all: Mobility and migration
Mobility status 1 year ago
Mobility status 5 years ago
Population and dwelling counts
Population and dwellings
Type of dwelling
Household and dwelling characteristics
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Total Men+ Women+
Indigenous population
Total - Indigenous identity for the population in private households - 25% sample data44 36,328,480 17,937,165 18,391,315
Indigenous identity45 1,807,250 877,645 929,605
Single Indigenous responses46 1,743,165 847,385 895,785
First Nations (North American Indian) 1,048,405 506,515 541,890
Métis 624,220 306,220 318,000
Inuk (Inuit) 70,540 34,645 35,895
Multiple Indigenous responses47 28,855 13,645 15,215
Indigenous responses not included elsewhere48 35,225 16,620 18,610
Non-Indigenous identity 34,521,230 17,059,520 17,461,710
Total - Registered or Treaty Indian status for the population in private households - 25% sample data44 36,328,480 17,937,165 18,391,315
Registered or Treaty Indian49 831,720 402,310 429,405
Not a Registered or Treaty Indian 35,496,755 17,534,850 17,961,905


Source: Statistics Canada, 2021 Census of Population.

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How to cite: Statistics Canada. 2022. (table). Census Profile. 2021 Census of Population. Statistics Canada Catalogue no. 98-316-X2021001. Ottawa. Released November 30, 2022.
https://www12.statcan.gc.ca/census-recensement/2021/dp-pd/prof/index.cfm?Lang=E (accessed November 30, 2022).


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