Census Profile, 2021 Census of Population
More information: God's Lake 23, Indian reserve (IRI) [Census subdivision], Manitoba

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Data quality
  • Total non-response (TNR) rate, short-form census questionnaire: 26.8%
  • Total non-response (TNR) rate, long-form census questionnaire: 26.8%
  • This geographic area underwent a formal review in 2016. The 2016 population and/or dwelling counts have been revised to account for coverage errors and/or the reallocation of population and dwelling counts for this area.
Geographic hierarchy

There is a hierarchical relationship between the standard geographical areas used for the dissemination of the 2021 Census of Canada. The position of each geographic area in the hierarchy shows how it is related to other areas. Most geographic areas can be subdivided or aggregated to form other geographic areas. For more information regarding geographic hierarchies, refer to the Hierarchy of standard geographic areas for dissemination, 2021 Census.

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