Products and services, Census of Population, 2016

Products and services, 2016 Census of Population

Data products

Standard data products cover a wide range of topics for many different levels of census geography. Census data can be used for many purposes, from route planning, site location, delivery services, through to program planning and development. Census information can even help you stay abreast of topics of current interest and identify trends in Canadian society.

Analytical products

Analytical products provide a national overview with some subprovincial information of key findings from the census topics.

Reference materials

Reference materials are designed to help users make the most of census data. They cover various aspects of the census and are intended to support the use of census data.

Geography products

Census geography covers a wide range of geographic areas, from provinces and territories down to city blocks. These geographic areas have boundaries, names and other information that make it possible to locate them on the ground and relate census data to them.

Custom services

This service allows for products and services to be tailored to more demanding and complex requests that cannot be accommodated by the standard products, and includes services such as custom tabulations or custom area creation.

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