Aboriginal Peoples Technical Report, Census of Population, 2016

The Census of Population covers all people who usually live in Canada. It includes people who live on Indian reserves and settlements, people who live in Inuit communities, permanent residents, and non-permanent residents—such as refugee claimants, holders of work or study permits and family members living with work or study permit holders.Note 1

The Aboriginal Peoples Technical Report, Census of Population, 2016 aims to inform users of the conceptual framework and definitions used to gather the 2016 Census data on Aboriginal peoples, how the data were collected, the products used to disseminate the information, and the relevant data quality aspects.

Chapter 1 describes the various concepts and variables that can be used to define the Aboriginal population. Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 describe the data collection and data processing procedures. Confidentiality and data quality are discussed in Chapter 4. Chapter 5 discusses data comparability over time and with other data sources. Chapter 6 presents some final remarks about data comparability and data quality for the 2016 Census data for Aboriginal peoples.


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