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Message from the Chief Statistician

The Census of Population provides a portrait of our people and the places in which we live. Census information is important for your community and is vital for planning its public services. Be part of this new portrait of Canada and complete your census questionnaire.

If you are a farm operator, it is equally important that you complete your Census of Agriculture questionnaire. The Census of Agriculture provides a definitive statistical picture of Canada's farm sector.

To reduce the number of questions on the Census of Population questionnaire, Statistics Canada will obtain your income information from personal income tax and benefits records.

By law, your household must complete a Census of Population questionnaire. Under the Statistics Act, agricultural operators are required to complete the Census of Agriculture. Your answers are collected under the authority of the Statistics Act and will be kept strictly confidential.

The information that you provide may be used by Statistics Canada for other statistical and research purposes or may be combined with other survey or administrative data sources.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Wayne R. Smith
Chief Statistician of Canada

Census spotlight

Who should be included in the census?

Stylized image of a maple leaf with the text census-recensement superimposed on an image of a crowd of people

Information for students, foreign embassies in Canada, cottage owners, travelers and more.

Census information in many languages

Stylized maple leaf and the text 2016, Census, recensement, Censo, Recenseamento, Recensamantul, and calligraphy representing the word census

View the translations of the census questions in 11 non-official languages, 11 Aboriginal dialects, and sign language (ASL and LSQ). This information is provided for reference only.

Need help?

Cartoon figure of a person sitting on a large red question mark.

Find information about alternative formats for the census questionnaire, the Census Guide, and links to other resources.

Census of Agriculture

Various agricultural images: wheat, berries, chicken, potatoes, cows, pigs and grains

Information about the 2016 Census of Agriculture, including what information you should have on hand before completing your questionnaire.

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